Luan Khanh – Director of Speed POS Vietnam

[CIO APAC] Vietnam’s food and beverages sector has become a land of opportunities. With reports revealing that the people of Vietnam spend nearly $440 million per month eating out, Vietnam is to become one of the top three Asian countries with the highest growth rate in the F&B domain by 2020. It is an exciting time to own a restaurant in Vietnam, but all can agree that competition is heavy in this sector. To stand out from the crowd, every restaurateur needs to offer great food, impeccable service, and unbeatable efficiency. Undoubtedly, the way to step up one’s game in this segment is by leveraging technology. From self-service kiosks to food ordering apps and robot chefs, technology is transforming the conventional methods of restaurant operations. When it comes to technology, upgrading POS software systems have become a prerequisite to render seamless service. Speed POS, one of the early POS companies in Vietnam, is leading the pack by offering top-notch POS solutions for restaurants, bars, and pubs across the country. The company ventured into IT solutions business 10 years ago at a time when touchscreen was emerging as a feature for electronic devices.

IT investment for restaurant businesses is at an all-time high owing to the changing mindsets of consumers, especially millennials. Despite the immense growth potential, restaurant outlets struggle to control their day-to-day expenditures.

Among other things, purchase, waste management, the shipping time of stocks, recipe of food, and labor management, to name a few, require special attention for achieving effective cost control. Speed of service, staff’s friendliness, and food safety are integral facets to a successful business. And, for that reason, Speed POS comes with a flexible restaurant management system that helps restaurateurs improve order speed, the accuracy of orders, customer services, and sales. Speed POS solutions are designed with core features that can incorporate and add-in modules from a payment device, mobile application, and other hardware devices. The company’s product line includes solutions for quick service, table service, bar service, delivery, and drive through. With their enterprise solution, the client can manage multiple brands and multiple restaurant service concepts. A key differentiator about the company’s POS system is that restaurateur doesn’t have to migrate to a new platform while expanding the business as the solution is future proofed.

The graphical user interface is worth mentioning as it is the best fit for implementing different business ideas for restaurants. The solutions make use of an “approval process,” which helps operations to flow seamlessly from waiter to manager. Additionally, the data statistics on food and beverages helps restaurants to redesign menu and thereby increase efficiency. Moreover, any changes on order can be handled accurately as well as quickly using customizable and intuitive screen layouts, which results in improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction and decreases “finished waste.” This of course is in addition to managing food costs and inventory as well as tracking products from sales to usage can be done more relaxed than before.

“Our customer-centric philosophy is well translated into the solutions we offer and the services we deliver,” states Luan Khanh, Director of Speed POS and this is evident from the testimonials they receive from their clients. One such happy customer, a wellestablished coffee and tea chain in the country required Speed POS’s help for managing their inventory. The client purchased 55 POS terminals and migrated to the new system in a day. The implementation not only helped them manage the stock but also reduce employee workload. Citing the company’s future, Khanh says that new solutions that help foreign travelers to place orders in their native language are underway. Speed POS is investing heavily in AI that can be applied in the restaurant business.