Mobility Designed for Growth

PAR EverServ Tablets paired with our cloud or on-premise software solutions provide your restaurant the ability to delight guests with a complete mobile point of sale system. With our enterprise grade tablets, your restaurant will experience the perfect combination of durability with a modern flair.

Offered in two form factors, the 10” or 8”, our PAR Tablets are the perfect balance of size and reliability. With up to 10 hours of real world use, our Tablets can be used throughout your restaurant’s peak hours without any technological disruptions.

Optimal Customer Engagement

Allow your staff to spend optimum time with guests instead of spending time behind the scenes wrestling with legacy systems. Whether you are looking to extend your POS solution, enhance relationships with your customers, or improve the efficiency of your operations, our PAR Tablets offer the perfect solutions for your business:

  • Mobile / Table POS
  • Table management
  • Store management
  • Line/Queue busting
  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Customer Loyalty

Tablet POS Docking Station

Built specifically for the PAR Tablets 8 & 10, the POS Docking Station serves as a stationary point of sale, as well as a charging station. The Tablet docking station supports traditional POS peripherals such as printers, cash drawers, customer displays, payment options, scanners and more.

PAR Quad Tablet Charger

The Quad Tablet Charger provides the capability to efficiently charge up to four PAR Tablets and attractively store them in a streamlined and modern looking platform to ensure they are close at hand and charged up to meet the unique demands of the hospitality environment.