A revolutionary solution in data center has been introduced in Vietnam called SPEED TANK. By immersion servers in specially formulated cooling fluids, this technology delivers superior performance while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Mr Luan Khanh – CEO Speed POS Vietnam and Management team to launch our immersion cooling solutions showroom at Head Office

On the afternoon of May 17, 2024, at Speed POS Vietnam’s headquarters, information technology managers were introduced and monitored the operation of the SPEED TANK immersion cooling system.

This data center thermal solution was developed through a groundbreaking partnership between Vietnam’s leading POS innovator Speed POS and energy giant ExxonMobil. SPEED TANK uses advanced cooling fluids designed for optimal heat dissipation, based on decades of power solutions expertise.

Energy use in data centers is experiencing explosive growth, consuming up to 2% of the global electricity supply by 2021. Specifically, since 2015, energy use in data centers Traditional data centers have increased by up to 60%, while in cryptocurrency mining data centers this energy use has increased by up to 3,300%. Continuous improvements in hardware performance are increasing the amount of heat generated by advanced computing algorithms, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are driving higher computational workloads. From there, it shows that effective heat dissipation has never been as important as it is today. SPEED TANK with embedded refrigeration system helps save energy, minimize climate change, is environmentally friendly and is a sustainable development solution.

Mr Luan Khanh – CEO to present Speed Tank at Launching Event

High efficiency

Compared to traditional air cooling, immersion cooling allows for high-performance processor heat dissipation (Thermal Design Power), delivering optimal efficiency. With ExxonMobil’s immersion cooling technology, SPEED TANK provides data centers and end users with both high performance and customization flexibility to meet specific needs such as high-performance servers, intelligent artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency and big data storage. This solution is used in designing models for data centers, server rooms, graphics processing units, cryptocurrency mining and a variety of immersion solutions, including immersion cooling tanks and cooling tanks.

Cost savings

SPEED TANK allows for rapid deployment in normal offices without the need for raised floors. Besides, this technology can be easily integrated into existing data centers, office building or warehouses, helping to save initial costs. At the operational stage, with SPEED TANK, the server consumes less energy because there is no need for fans, thereby significantly reducing costs.

With a proprietary dielectric fluid used in the solution, in addition to dissipating heat away from the core, SPEED TANK also protects servers and their components from fan noise, dust, particles, variations in temperature and humidity. What’s more, with no moving parts, no vibrations, no noise, embedded cooling helps extend the life of servers and hardware.