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Our ticketing system builds holistic IT solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry. With us, automate your key processes, and manage them centrally. Make your business robust, your staff more productive, and your customers happier.

Active in 1800+ sites across 50+ countries, Our Semnox’s solutions are acknowledged industry leaders. Like Parafait, our product suite, that has won the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ award at the annual IAAPI conference in 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2016. That’s how we achieve our vision of becoming leading providers of IT solutions for the entertainment industry.

Learn Why Speed POS is Consistently Chosen By Leading Theme Parks Worldwide

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The world class Theme Park solutions which deployed at Dubai, China, Europe, US and around the world

Entry ticket

Flexible tickets, your visitors can entry park through multiple channels : online ticket, group visitors, travel agency and at self-service kiosks.

RFID Cards & Tags for Cashless Transactions

Ticketing solution use RFID technology. Issue RFID tags and cards to guests when they enter your park, for a specific monetary value. Transactions turn cashless after that. Guests place cards on the reader to access rides or buy products. And hone in on what’s important – a good time. Sans the hassle of cash, queues, and multiple check points.

Deducting Agents with RFID for Cashless Payment

RFID supported outdoor readers for Standalone activities / rides. Water Resistant – IP65 rated device. Single Mould Design. Rugged New Age Readers with Full Screen Tap Area. Illuminating surface with easy validation of entry, with visuals. Supports POE/direct AC power to provide hassle-free ‘tap to play’ convenience. Can support wired/wireless networks.

Mobile/Tablet Based Deducting Agent
Keeping up with the times is our Android-based handheld device. Effortless technology, for seamless services. Equipped with built in NFC/RFID Reader & Barcode/QR Code Scanner, works smoothly in validating & deducting value from cards/tags. Capability to move around in the ride facility for validation of tags at multiple points. Real-time wireless syncing capability of the data with the server.

Customer Relationship Management

Design lucrative offers. Prototype offers for different membership tiers or locations. Implement multiple discount packages. Promote new rides/ games. Or reward your returning guests. The world is your oyster, to win your guests over. Gauge the success of your initiatives. Learn if offers are being redeemed. Track the success of newly promoted services, or revisit ones that are mellow. You have a full handle over your guests’ engagement, and how that impacts your theme park. Reach out the way they like. Through emails, texts, or social media. Tell them what’s happening at your end, track responses, and offer support. Use the learning to build lasting relationships.

Management Control

It pulls all data on your business, its functions, and guests, to a single dashboard. Make sense of it. And make good decisions without toggling between different tools. The big picture awaits you.

View activities across all your sites from a single dashboard, get real time reports and analytics; customize them using filters and parameters. Share with teams on different channels like laptops or smartphones

HQ control
Don’t stop at knowing what’s happening with your theme parks. Centrally manage their operations – no matter their size or locations. Take precise action, offer thoughtful experiences. Control each center’s operations, services, offers, and promotions, from the headquarters Implement card roaming: the cards issued on one site can be used across all your sites Implement central purchasing from the headquarters, for each location

Electronic Lockers with RFID

Hands-free roaming, made easy. Take the weight off your guests’ shoulders as they roam about your park. With a secure spot to store their belongings – locker systems, accessed only through their RFID device. The rental is cashless, deducted from RFID tickets. Their peace of mind, limitless. Rain or shine.

Access Control System

Launch the best rides in country. We’ll take care of visitor volumes with easy to manage, intuitive access control systems. The software lets you configure different access criteria – including time-based entries. Reduce manual presence of your staff. Ease your operations without compromising on security.

Maintenance Module

Breathe easy. Comply with safety regulations and ensure your rides and equipment meet statutory requirements. Even those specific to your region or location. Easy to configure, our software lets you key in rules unique to your business.
Make your assets last. Get the most out of your investment in rides and equipment, by undertaking preventive maintenance. Link each asset to a maintenance schedule. So, extending its health is easy. Without placing additional burdens on staff.
Get answers. Identify maintenance-heavy assets; know the time and money they consume. Track what works, and which rides ask for downtime. Our module provides complete visibility into upkeep operations. Now, run your park with confidence.

Learn Why Speed POS is Consistently Chosen by Vietnam’s Leading Establishments

Learn Why Speed POS is Consistently Chosen by Vietnam’s Leading Establishments

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Speed POS Solutions powers many of the best F&B and theme parks in Vietnam. Come see why our international solutions are chosen time and again.

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